Bigger Glass, Better View

FSG Big Ceramic Frit Glass    – Up to:

                                                                           Silk Screen Printing:  3000mm x   15000mm (120″ x 600″)

                                                                           Digital Printing:  3300mm x   7500mm (144″ x 300″)

Except the tinted color glass provides more colors than normal clear glass, there are some other ways to enhance both the appearance and performance of a building facade. Ceramic frit printing on glass is a great way to do so, it combines the durability of ceramic enamel with the versatility of ceramic frit printing. Providing the ability to print multiple colors, graphics and simulate building materials on a single surface, the design possibilities are virtually unlimited.  Using the high resolution ink-jet printing machine also offers the opportunity to print an image on the glass to make special combination with other glass by lamination or insolution structure.

The tempered ceramic frit printed glass has safety glass properties, it is durable, scratch-proof, solar shading and with anti-glare effect. Its acid and moisture resistant features maintain colors for decades.

Silk Screen Printed Glass

Silk-screen printed glass is a special kind of decorative glass made by printing a layer of ceramic ink on the surface of glass through the screen mesh for tempering or heat-strengthening process after.  It creates a single-color, repetitive pattern such as lines, dots or holes. Designs with a border, graduation or special edge requirements require a custom print.

Digital Printing Ceramic Frit Glass

Digital Printing Glass, is using a high-resolution digital jet-printing machine to print a full image of ceramic enamel frit on one glass side. Its physical characteristics are same as the silk screen frit printing, but its color range is much bigger and the appearance is more beautiful, as it can be your photo.

After tempered process, the digital printing glass could be a combination pane to make up safety glass, such as laminated glass, insoluted glass, or multiple structured glass combination.

Max size of Digital Printing Glass:  3300 x 7500mm


Applying The BIGGER GLASS Having A Better View!

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