An insulating glass spacer is placed within the unit to separate the two or more plies of glass. FSG insulating glass spacers are available in two colors and a variety of thicknesses. When specifying an insulating glass unit, it is necessary to specify all three; color, material and thickness.

Color choices include; black or silver mill finish depending on the spacer type. Black spacers are being specified more often today, as designers prefer the clean look this option provides. The color black tends to blend with the gaskets and framing which minimizes the overall visual impact by leading occupants to look through the glass rather than at the framing or spacer. The color of the spacer does not affect the solar performance of the insulating glass.

Spacer Performance-2

The thickness of the spacer will determine the distance, or space, between the two glass plies in an insulating unit. FSGLASS’s insulating units are constructed using a 12mm nominal thickness spacer; however a wide variety of alternate thickness spacers is available. Even a minimal change in the thickness of the spacer can affect solar performance so it is important to include the thickness in a specification.