Whether through a digital printing or silk-screen printing process, printing on glass is a great way to enhance both the appearance and performance of a building facade.

Digital Printing glass

is what we call our finely tuned, high-quality digital printing service. Our prints are created with state of the art digital printing equipment. After printing, the ink is frit and is fired into the glass for a permanent print that will not scratch off. We can print custom images, designs, and photographs.


The artistic possibilities mean nothing if they don’t also meet or exceed functionality requirements. The High Temperature Ink is UV resistant so it doesn’t change color or fade over time. It optimizes energy efficiency by providing added solar control and, for even better performance, our Low-E coatings can be applied over the ceramic enamel.

Silk-screen Printing


FSGLASSTM offers full-service glass silkscreen printing, enabling us to provide decorative glass panels with virtually any image, pattern, or geometric design imaginable serving customers. Screen printing on glass is a fantastic way to create looks ranging from subtle to bold, and silkscreen-printed glass can even reduce glare and decrease the rate of solar transmission, delivering potential cost savings in energy consumption.


Our silkscreen-printed glass is offered both for interior and exterior applications, and we are capable of screen printing on many types of glass, including insulated glass units, laminated glass panels, monolithic lites, and others. This makes our silkscreen-printed glass perfect for architectural uses, entryways and doors, and even shower enclosures and beyond.


Solar Performance

Printing on the second (#2) surface provides optimum solar performance. The Low-E coating can be applied to the same surface as the pattern.