About Us

FSGlassTM devoted to architectural glass fabrication processing service more than 30 years. Started as a small glass shop with two workers, he has grown up to an international enterprise employed more than 200 people in the past three decades, and owned two sales representative offices in Salt Lake City, USA and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Business Type:    Manufacturer
  • Industry:  Architectural glass fabricating process
  • Location:    Foshan, China (Mainland)
  • Year Established:    2002
  • Area covered:    30,000 Square meters
  • No. of Employees:    201-300
  • Machine:    CNC cutting, Dual convective tempering machine, both/tetra edge polishing machine, autoclave, laminating machine, etc
  • Capacity:    700,000 m2/year
  • Main Products:    Flat/curved tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, ceramic friz glass
  • Main Markets:    Asia, Australian, America, Europe
  • Certifications:    ISO9001, CE, CCC, CSI, IGCC

The distinctive characteristics of us, is the special capacity to produce the “FOUR ULTRA” glass - ultra long, ultra wide, ultra clear, ultra thick. It’s ranged:

ultra long: max 11 meter   (36')

ultra wide: max 3.3 meter  (11')

ultra clear: Low Iron

ultra thick: max 25mm (1' ), starts from 3mm  (1/8")

Tempered glass: 3 * 11 m  (10' x 36')

Bend tempered glass:

    max 1: Girth 3.66m * H 3.3m (G12' x 11')

    max 2: Girth 2.8m * H 7m  (G9'4" x 23'4") 

Laminated glass: 3 m * 11 m  (10' x 36')

Insulated glass: 2.5 m * 6 m  (8'4" x 20')

Now we have almost all the glass product range of:

Jumbo Flat Tempered                 Jumbo Bent/Curved Tempered             Insulated Glass

Laminated Glass                         Reflective Glass                                    Low-E

Screen-Print Glass                     Smart Glass                                          Solar Effective

Acoustical                                   Digital Printing                                       Holes/Notches