Curved Glass

FSGLASSTM Curved Tempered Glass is manufactured by heating the glass to its softening point and then forming the required shape in a special mould before being subjected to rapid cooling. This rapid cooling will result in the formation of high residual surface compression on the glass surface.

Special Curved Laminated IGU or DGU consists of combination of two or more pieces of curved glass permanently bonded together by a tough, durable interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Special Curved Laminated IGU or DGU exhibit the characteristics of a superior safety glass – strength, flexibility and adhesion.


Product Features


If broken, FSGLASSTM  Curved Tempered Glass will break into a multitude of small fragments, thus preventing serious injuries.


FSGLASSTM  Curved Tempered Glass is stronger and more resistant to impact when compared with ordinary annealed glass.

Mafana Stress mahatohitra

FSGLASSTM Curved Tempered Glass is more resistant to thermally induced stress when compared with ordinary annealed glass.



How to Measure for Bent Glass

The first step is to verify that the glass size meets our tempering furnace requirements which has a maximum bed size of:

1) Max: Girth 2800 x Height 7500   (G 9'4" x H 25')

    Min: Girth 600 x Height 300   (G 24" x H 12")

2) Max: Girth 3600 x Height 3300   (G 12' x H 11') 

    Min: Girth 600 x Height 300   (G 24" x H 12")

Measuring the Convex Chord
The convex chord, or width, is the distance between two endpoints of the curve. Your measurement is recommended to be taken on the outside of the glass. This is typically the first measurement required.

Measuring the Depth
To determine the radius of the curve you will need to measure the depth next. This is done by measuring the outer top of the curve and taking half the measurement of the convex chord as illustrated to the right.

What is My Radius?
When you have the chord and depth measurements, you will calculate your final radius. This will also provide us with the girth measurement which determines the total distance around the bent piece of glass.

Bent and Curved Glass Parameters

Option 1:

Max Height: 7500mm  / 25'
Max Girth: 2800mm / 9' 4"
Max Glass Size: 2800 x 7500 / 9' 4" x 25"
Min Glass Size: 600 x 300 / 24" x 12"
Min Radius:  600mm / 24"

Option 2:

Max Height: 3300mm / 11'
Max Girth: 3600mm / 12'
Max Glass Size: 3600 x 3300mm / 12' x 11'
Min Glass Size: 600 x 300mm / 24" x 12"
Min Radius: 600mm / 24"


Glass Thickness and Minimum Radiuses

5mm 3/16" Glass Min Radius: 750mm   30"
6mm 1/4"   Glass Min Radius: 750mm   30"
8mm 5/16" Glass Min Radius: 850mm   34"
10mm 3/8" Glass Min Radius: 850mm   34"
12mm 1/2" Glass Min Radius: 950mm   38"
15mm 5/8" Glass Min Radius: 1500mm 50"
19mm 3/4" Glass Min Radius: 1800mm 60"

3D View Diagram of Bent Glass


Top View Diagram of Bent Glass