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FSG Big Low-E Glass (IGU)    – Up to 3300mm x 6000mm (132″ x 240″)

Note: For the length over 6000mm Low-E IGU, please consult to our sales person.

FSG Big Low-E Glass – we provide three types of Low-E glass options to meet the designer’s requirements.

Hard Coated Low-E

Hard coated low-E coating,also named as online low-E,or pyrolytic coated low-E.On-line Low-E glass is a functional film with low radiation performance on the surface of the glass ribbon on the float line by chemical vapor deposition and special materials on the float glass production line.

The biggest advantage of hard coated low-E, is it’s hard and no chemical reaction when exposed in the air,the coatings can be used in single glazing.

The emissivity is about 0.15,which is much higher than soft coated low-E coatings,so glass made with hard coated low-E has higher U value.

1 Ag Low-E

The first generation coating with one silver layer inside the coating.U value is about 1.8W/m2.K,SC varies from 0.3-0.7. It has been widely used in various buildings-Glass curtain wall,glass spandrel,etc.
a.Visible light transmittance— adequate indoor natural day lighting.
b.Solar energy transmittance — a wide range of shading coefficient available.
c.High far infrared reflectance — low U-value, reduced thermal transfer due to temperature difference.

2 Ag Low-E

Two silver layers inside the coating. While maintaining the same visible light transmittance, it has lower shading coefficient than single silver Low-E. It filters the sunshine as a cool lighting source and provides a solution to energy efficiency in design of high transparency.
a. Higher visible light transmittance — ensuring better natural lighting
b. Extremely low solar heat transmittance — effectively impeding SHGC.

Important Notice:

Only Hard coated Low-E could be used as monolithic pane and DGU(laminated glass), the coating layer of 1 Ag Low-E and 2 Ag Low-E glass should be insulated between the two or more glass panes, not allowed to face to air.

FSG Big Combined Low-E IGU – Multiple layer insoluted glass.

Multi-layered IGU is also widely used in morden facade designing and constructing process. A typical moke-up case is laminated insuating glass used as building envelop. To approch both energy saving and safety glass purpose, Low-E laminated with clear glass (two panes) is designed as outer layer (coating film on 4# face), then it is air or argon space, and inner pane usually is clear or low iron glass.

Another configration is made up of three panes and two air spaces. This structure glass unit can reduce U value obviously and have a better energy saving factor.

Insoluting Laminated IGU

Multiple Layered IGU

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