Bigger Glass, Better View

FSG Curved Tempered Glass    – Up to:

                                                                           Girth:  3600mm x  Height: 3000mm (144″ x 120″)

                                                                           Girth:  2800mm x  Height: 7500mm (112″ x 300″)

FSG is produced in a complex and oustanding process using a unique gravity bending method. Cut-to-size, drilled and edge-worked flat glass sheets are heated in a special tempering furnace to about 700°C and shaped after exiting the heating zone. They are then cooled rapidly by cold air blown onto the bent glass. This results in the two outer surfaces contracting and solidifying before the interior, which induces permanent compressive stresses into the surfaces of the glass, effectively increasing the strength of the glass and keeping it in the new shape. The interior of the glass naturally balances the compressive stress surface layers by being under tensile stress. These properties result in the increased strength and safe breakage characteristics of thermally toughened glass. When the central tensile section of the glass is ruptured, the stress is explosively released, producing the fracture characteristics of small, relatively harmless fragments.

Important Notice:

To assure the highest quality possible, FSG curved single-pane safety glass is subject to continuous process monitoring and quality control. However, the toughening and bending process of FSG can introduce a degree of optical imperfection into the glass in the form of Anisotropies and bow or roller wave distortions. These are due to physical restrictions and / or are inherent to the manufacturing principle and cannot be considered as a defect.

Shaped Curved Glass

As it did the same for the shaped tempered glass, the Curved tempered glass also could have different shapes other than rectangular designs, like traingular, round,  elliptical, parallelogram or any other irregular designs.

Curved IGU – curved insoluted glass

Along with the fast growing of the energy saving requirements for the morden building, IGU was widely used to improve the whole level of the complex’ energy efficiency. As we all know, the Low-E glass requires insoluted glass basically. To better describe the designer’s opinions, round corner or other irregular glass units become the best option to fullfil the building envelope.

Curved Laminated Glass

Curved Laminated Glass unit is typically used for balustrade, pool fence, handrails, skylight, etc, for which occasions strongerly requires safety level.

Curved Combined Multiple Glass Structures

Sometimes the designer wants the building facade not only bigger, safer, could reach a higher level of energy saving, but a more wonderful, distinctive outlooking compared with others! It’s the right time to consider the combination of different curved glass configration: Low-E, Laminating, and insoluting processing.

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